Rediscovering an MMO: SWTOR

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I recently started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) again.

I didn’t get terribly far the first time that I played through the game. I was taking a break from World of Warcraft during the Firelands expansion in Cataclysm, since most of the people I had played with in had left WoW a month or two after the Cataclysm launch. Unfortunately for SWTOR, while I generally enjoyed the game, my short tenure with them mainly served the purpose of making me want to play WoW again. At the time, the game seemed to me to be an un-mod-able, older version of WoW, with fewer classes.

There is not much denying that I am a severe case of a WoW fan-boy.

Between the game being free-to-play now and having a good gaming buddy of mine vouch for it, I opted to give it a go once more. Besides, I had been jonesing for some mmo-style gaming for awhile now – looking for a reason to dust off the good ol’ G13 and Naga.

g13 and naga

It’s dangerous to go alone!
Take these.

I’ll admit – I am a bit excited for this game, particularly after reading these rules of engagement from the good people over at Force Junkies. Coming from a WoW environment where the trinity is so strictly enforced that most small group fights evaluate to:

  • tank: don’t let anyone else take threat
  • healer: don’t let anyone die
  • damagers: run up the numbers as high as you can!

It is kind of refreshing to see a game encouraging some substance to pulls. That said, I’m definitely going to miss my Recount.

This all brings up an interesting internal discussion for me, what is it that I really prefer: basic fight mechanics; allowing for a focus on improving my numbers while competing with the numbers of others (a la WoW) – or – more complex fight mechanics and group tactics while having no available way of accessing my total damage done or damage per second (SWTOR).

I expect for most people, the second option sounds more appealing. And there is appeal for me there as well. After being a bit burnt-out on the DPS-obsession that is progression-raiding in WoW, an environment where you’re forced to be casual in that area is welcome.

Playing with friends is another huge draw of this game for me – and with the game being F2P, I’ve been actively recruiting friends to jump in with me, without feeling bad about pressuring my friends into a monthly commitment in order to play with me. I’ve already made arrangements with one group of friends to have 3 people in the same room playing together, something I haven’t done in a long while.

The good ol' days

The good ol’ days

These are all things I’m trying to keep in mind when considering the types of games I want to design. Alot of my desire to create is actually built around my passion to create a game that takes all the great things I enjoy about MMOs and uses them to enhance various other genres. My first project I’ve been working on is an SRPG turn-based game.

I’ll continue to post on my playing experience, my SRPG, and how the two are informing each other as the week continues. Until then – happy questing!


About Pantherra

Computer Science student with a desire for a career in Game Development or Software Engineering.
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2 Responses to Rediscovering an MMO: SWTOR

  1. Pantherra says:

    For those interested! I’m on the ‘Prophecy of the Five’ server, empire side. My toons are Pantherra and Noobtherra. Hit me up here or in game.

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